Mass Transfer Products Industries (MTPI) is an ISO 9001-2008 certified company, with over 30 years of experience in providing complete Mass Transfer solutions. In 1997, Mass Transfer Products Industries expanded and shifted manufacturing facilities from Mumbai to Daman. With the growth of the organisation, manufacturing capacities were augmented and a new factory is set up in Pardi, Gujarat.

Mass Transfer Products Industries is one of India’s largest manufacturers of mass transfer equipment producing the complete range of Random Tower Packing, Tower Internals, Trays and Structured Packing. We are empanelled as an approved vendor for EIL, PDIL, TOYO, BPCL, HPCL and many other organisations. Our financial strength is indicated by our status of “High Performance Capability and High Financial Strength” awarded by CRISIL Performance and Credit Rating Agency.

Our client base extends to several countries including, South Africa, Australia, USA, Middle East, Japan, China, Taiwan and Europe


Mass Transfer Products Industries boasts of two state of the art manufacturing facilities. The plastics processing division is established in Daman U.T. and the metal processing division at Pardi, Gujarat.


Plastic Processing Division

Our plant at Daman dedicated to the manufacturing of Plastic Random Packing and Internals consists of fully automatic injection molding machines and equipment for fabrication of plastic internals. Our experienced task force works with high performance polymers such as PVDF, PFA, ETFE, TEFLON, as well as PP, HDPE, and LTHA.


Metal Processing Division

An 8000 square feet facility exclusively dedicated to processing of Metal Random Tower Packing, Tower Internals, Trays and Structured Packing is situated at Pardi. This facility includes automatic multi slide presses, CNC presses, CNC bending, shearing and welding machines. Our annual production capacity for Random Packing is in excess of 7000 m3 of various types and sizes of Packing.
An in house tool room facility is established for developing and maintaining tools and dies ensuring continual maintenance of tools and consequent quality of the products.



MTPI adheres to optimized manufacturing practices and follows strict quality assurance plans to maintain the highest standards for our products. This helps us achieve our organisations goals – both customer and employee satisfaction and a competitive product quality. Keeping in mind quality as our prime focus we undertake quality testing at various stages of production from raw material testing to PMI testing of the finished product. Traceability and quality consciousness are ensured by dedicated quality control personnel.


A strong management with technical background and years of manufacturing experience is one of the major strengths of our organisation. Constant innovation and modernisation of our resources provides our clients access to solutions for challenging problems.