The importance of column internal design is often overlooked in most packed column designs. Vapour and liquid distribution are of critical importance to ensure the efficient performance of distillation columns. MTPI has a wide range of column internals which include liquid/vapour distributors, collector trays, and packing supporting/retaining devices. MTPI offers services for design and selection of suitable and efficient tower internals for any application. MTPI designs and manufactures tower internals in all metals such as CS, SS 304, SS 304L, SS 316, SS 316L, SS 410, SS 430, Monel, Titanium etc. and engineering polymers such as PFA, PVDF, ECTFE etc. and plastic such as PP, HDPE, etc.

Deck-Riser Type

This type of distributor has drip points on the deck surface along with protruded risers for gas to escape. In case of redistributor riser covers are provided to prevent liquid entering into the gas riser. These distributors can be one piece / multi piece construction with gasketted joints depending on column diameter.

Pan Type

This type of distributor is used when the column diameter is fairly small. They are fastened with column clips and provide higher open area for gas flow. Pan Type distributors / redistributors can be single piece / multi piece construction.

Trough Type / Trough Parting Box / Trough Sump Type

These distributors are meant for large column diameters. Liquid gets evenly distributed to various troughs through a common parting box / in built sump and is further distributed from drip points. The space between the trough is available for vapour passage. Drip points can be on the wall or on the base of the troughs.

V Weir Notch Type

These distributors are used where fouling is expected in the process. They can be made in Pan Type or Deck Riser Type. These have comparatively low distribution quality since gas & liquid shares same area of flow.

Flow Multiplication Type

This distributor is similar to trough types with an addition of multi dripping points. Dripping points are further divided into additional dripping points for greater uniform distribution. These distributors are used where low flow rates are experienced.

Header Lateral Type

This distributor has very limited applications as the open area is maximum with low distribution quality. It is made up of pipes & flanges. Construction depends upon column diameter.

Spray Nozzle Type

These are mostly preferred in heat transfer applications, where the beds are deep. Spray Nozzles are assembled with pipes such that they form standard angle of spray to distribute / irrigate entire area. Mainly used for non fouling applications.