Available in all types of plastics such as PP, LTHA PP, HDPE, Talc filled and Glass filled PP, PVC, PVDF, FEP, ECTFE, PFA, etc.

Raschig Rings

The Raschig Ring finds its use in many chemical industries involving fouling applications.

Pall Rings

It is the most widely used packing for absorption and stripping applications.

MTPI Mini Ring

These rings also have a height to diameter ratio of approximately 0.3, but unlike metal Mini Rings the sides are slanted.

Plain Saddles

The shape of Intallox Saddle overcomes the excessive nesting tendency of Berl saddles. The result is an improvement in the accessible area and overall performance. Plastic saddles Packing are suggested for gas absorption applications.

Super Saddles

The new design imparts better internal distribution, low liquid hold-up, high capacity and above all improved efficiency of contacting. The superior performance is primarily a result of the scalloped edge.

Bio Rings

Bio Rings are well suited for processes that make use of micro organisms that grow on floating carriers. Floating carriers offer much higher specific surface area than fixed beds for thin bio film growth, making them most suitable for processes with circulated carriers in a tank.

Hollow Balls

They are the simplest, regular formed packing elements. Packing with balls has a comparatively small surface per packed volume. Because of the low void fraction of the packing, the pressure drop is quite high. Balls normally find their use as catalyst carriers for smooth flows and as fume arrestors in electroplating application.

MTPI Tellerette

The unique helix design makes this packing more efficient than conventional Packing. This shape allows for lower pressure drops, increased air flow and greater fouling and plugging resistance.

MTPI Star Flake

The Star Flake is a high-performance plastic packing. It offers superior separation efficiency and capacity in environmental application such as scrubbing and stripping. Its distinctive shape lowers the pressure drop, which significantly reduces electrical energy consumption.

Spheroidal Packing

The spherical shape packing with high voidage is used in absorption columns and also for heat transfer applications in packed columns.

MTPI Hiflow

The MTPI Hiflow is a high performance tower packing. The strong lattice type design provides high mechanical stability together with a very high void fraction. The low weight with high mechanical stability enable higher packed heights. High capacity of gas and liquid flow rates, extremely low pressure drop, very low wall flow and high fouling resistance characterize this packing.

MTPI Hexpack

Ideal for use as Bio Filter Pack in environmental applications. Its structure uses drip points and creates gas turbulence to create small droplets, multiplying the surface area for gas-liquid contact with minimal resistance to gas flow. It provides efficient mass transfer with low pressure drop. The uniformly spaced bar-and-needle design and self cleaning properties minimizes build-up of mineral scale or biological growth, which translates into lower down times for maintenance.

MTPI Trickpack

MTPI Trickpack is designed for use in larger towers. Its structure is composed of cylindrical, concentric circular sections, internal ribs, and an outer wall design to prevent occlusion of the elements. This design, based on the MTPI Mini Pack is the standard for random packing used in trickling filters.