Critical distillation applications require higher mass transfer area with minimum pressure drop. Limitations of Random Packing resulted in development of various types of Structured Packing offering surface areas as high as 750m2/m3. Structured Packing are manufactured from various materials of thin gauge textured surface with special corrugations and assembled in a manner such that the liquid flows uniformly though the cross section of the bed with minimum resistance to gas. The corrugations are either at 45° to the horizontal axis or 60° to the horizontal axis. They are accordingly referred to as type ‘Y’ or type ‘X’.

Structured Packing

Structured Packing are a group of elements of specified height made by stacking several crimped and corrugated sheets at an orientation of 90° to each element such that it provides good distribution of liquid and gases with minimum pressure drop. Selection of type of structured packing is largely dependant on process requirements. The suffix denotes the surface area / m3 of the packing.

Wire Gauze

This type of packing consists of parallel perforated corrugated sheets of wire mesh. These Packing work on capillary action that ensures complete wetting of surface hence providing low HETP. Available in two models MiBX-402 having 500m2/m3 specific surface area and MiCY-403 having 750 m2/m3 specific surface area.