Packed columns for mass transfer and heat transfer operations traditionally use random Packing. Columns used mainly for absorption, stripping and distillation are also packed with 3rd generation or 4th generation random Packing offering high mass transfer / heat transfer efficiency and lower pressure drops. Tray columns can also be replaced with packed columns of a suitable random packing based on process requirements offering high efficiency and low pressure drop for enhanced through put. MTPI offers metal random Packing in all types of metals such as C.S., M.S., all grades of S.S., Monel, Titanium, Aluminium, etc.

Raschig Rings

The first scientific tower packing developed for the chemical industry, still finds its use in certain industries involving fouling and scaling.

Pall Rings

The slotted wall construction of the Pall Ring makes the inside surface accessible and provides a large number of interstitial points. The results are high mass transfer and high voidage.

AM Packs

The MTPI AM Pack is a modified version of pall rings with flared edges so that thinner gauge materials can be used, giving sufficient strength. These rings offer low pressure drop and more effective transfer points due to its internal geometry.

‘I’ Pack

An improvement over the pall ring design, offers more transfer points for gas liquid contact. The internal configuration of the ring presents better contacting efficiency, excellent liquid distribution and low pressure drop. Circumferential stiffening ribs give the Metal “I” pack greater strength even with relatively thinner materials.

MTPI Mini Pack

Unlike other ring type packing, MTPI Mini Pack has height to diameter ratio of approximately 0.3. Due to this lower height to diameter ratio, rings tend to orient flat in the column resulting in greater surface area. MTPI Mini Pack is manufactured with positive locking of the ends which ensures very low distortion, resulting in constant optimal performance.

MTPI Saddles

Unlike ring type Packing, the unique geometry takes advantage of both saddles as well as ring type packing with large number of transfer points and very high voidage. These Packing operate at lower liquid flow, offer low HETP and high turned down ratio which make them suitable for distillation columns at high pressure as well as in vacuum.